214 Since its inception in 1931, the Meetkundige Dienst uses not only 'tradition al' instrumentation, but also photogrammetric methods and equipment. In this latter field there is close cooperation between the Meetkundige Dienst on the one hand and the Cadastre, the Topografische Dienst, K.L.M. Aerocarto NV and the Topographic department of B.P.M. on the other. Especially for a member of the Shell group of oil companies, a wide variety of topographic mapping projects is handled outside the Netherlands. The Topografische Dienst comes under the War Department (Ministerie van Oorlog). This service produces topographic maps in several scales (125.000, 150.000, 1100.000 and smaller) and topographic outline maps at 110.000. The maps are published in chromo, black and red, black or grey printing. Whereas formerly they were based on cadastral maps, work today is fully geared to photogrammetry. There is a special department for area

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