Fédération internationale des géomètres Commission II: Cadastre and Rural Reallotment National report of the Netherlands, 1953-1958 A. The Cadastre 1. Organization of the Cadastre 237 4 Statistische Übersicht der Flurbereinigungsarbeiten Beantragt Fertig In Durchfiihrung (noch nicht abgestimmt) Zahl Flache Zahl Flache Zahl Flache Zustand am i-i-r954 ro6 76.or8 62 ro6.or3 310 423.627 Zustand am 1-1-1955 ir6 80.708 64 I57-OI5 378 5I3-55I Zustand am 1-1-1956 122 89.440 69 156.916 466 828.446 Zustand am i-i-t957 129 92.490 73 170.650 552 x.023.200 Zustand am 1-1-1958 !33 115.800 76 180.080 596 1.197.600 Aufgenommen mittels Luftphotogrammetrie 1:9.54: 34.671 ha (Insel Tholen: 12.400 ha) !955 29.600 ha (Insel Schouwen-Duiveland22.300 ha) 1956: 7-467 ha 1957: 8.095 ha Mr. ir. S. M. MEELKER, The Hague: The Cadastre in the Netherlands under the designation of "Dienst van Kadaster en Hypotheken" (service of cadastre and mortgages) forms part of the administration of the taxation system. This administration, under the Ministry of Finance, is headed by the director general of taxes. Under the director general of taxes one finds a director, head of the 'directie kadaster en hypotheken'. This directorate deals with all matters regarding the service within the Ministry, cooperating for organizational and personal aspects with the relevant sections of the general administra tion for taxation. The "Dienst van Kadaster en Hypotheken" as a field department is divided into registration (accounting) and surveying branches. The registration branch consists of 32 registries (bewaringen) of mortgage deeds, cadastre and ship's registers. Each registry is headed by a registrar (bewaarder) under one of the eight area directors of taxation, who in turn report immediately to the director general of taxes. In addition to maintaining a cadastral register, the registrar is responsible for keeping the registers referred to by article 67r of the Burgerlijk Wetboek (civil code), which says "transfer is effected by transcription in the public registers". The surveying branch consists of a) the survey service of the cadastre; b) the reallotment (land consolidation) service; c) the service for special surveying operations; d) the central drawing and training office; e) the maintenance service for national triangulation; f) the photogrammetric service of the cadastre,

Digitale Tijdschriftenarchief Stichting De Hollandse Cirkel en Geo Informatie Nederland

Tijdschrift voor Kadaster en Landmeetkunde (KenL) | 1958 | | pagina 39