270 Lectures Practice hours afternoon per week per week Second Year Compulsory Calculus II4/4 1/1 Analytical geometry II1/1 Vector analysis2/0 Differential geometry 1/1 Physics (optics)4/0 Landsurveying1/1 2/2 Transformation methods0/1 Fair drawing1/1 Calculus of observations1/1 Constitutional law1/1 Geology for the civil engineer 2/0 Cadastral administration1/1 Civil law2/2 Third Year Main subjects Landsurveying (bar.- trig.- and spirit levelling) 1/0 Landsurveying (optical distance measuring) 1/0 1/0 Point resection and intersection0/2 2/1 Cartography1/0 Calculus of observations2/0 o/r Geodetic computations0/2 0/1 Photogrammetry3/3 0/1 Fair drawing1/1 Geodetic astronomy1/1 Re-allotment ("remembrement") 0/1 Public law 2/0 Soil science and land use0/3 Optionalsee under fifth year. Fourth Year Main subjects Landsurveying (primary triangulation and base- measurement) 1/0 Landsurveying (radio position fixing) 1/0 Point resection and intersection2/0 3/0 Map projections2/0 Public law2/0 Soil science and land use3/0 Optionalsee under fifth year. Fifth Year a) Specialism Geodesy Main subjects Landsurveying1/1 Calculus oil observations1/1 Physical geodesy 2/2 Geodesy (special subjects) 2/2

Digitale Tijdschriftenarchief Stichting De Hollandse Cirkel en Geo Informatie Nederland

Tijdschrift voor Kadaster en Landmeetkunde (KenL) | 1958 | | pagina 72