271 Lectures Practice hours afternoon Optional Advanced analysis2/2 Numerical analysis0/2 Nomography1/1 Mathematical statistics2/2 Potential theory2/2 Tensor analysis2/2 Physics (optics)4/0 Physics (electricity)2/0 Facultative Electronical computers2/0 Geophysical prospecting methods2/0 Landsurveying (special subjects) 0/1 Elements of economics1/1 b) Specialism: Photogrammetry Main subjects'. Applied mechanics2/0 Landsurveying1/1 Calculus of observations1/1 Physical geodesy 2/2 Optional Nomography1/1 Mathematical statistics2/2 Physics (electricity)2/0 J/o Hydraulic engineering1/1 Roads0/1 Geophysical prospecting methods2/0 Facultative Advanced analysis2/2 Numerical analysis0/2 Organisation of works2/0 Elements of economy1/1 c) Specialism: Cadastre and re-allotment Main subjects Landsurveying1/1 Physical geodesy 2/2 Cadastral administration1/1 Re-allotment2/1 Land property law 1/1 Soil science and land use1/1 Hydraulics1/0 Hydraulic engineering1/1 Polders1/1 Roads0/1 Optional'. Nomography1/1 Town planning1/2 Laws concerning dykes1/1 Juridical problems concerning townplanning 1/1

Digitale Tijdschriftenarchief Stichting De Hollandse Cirkel en Geo Informatie Nederland

Tijdschrift voor Kadaster en Landmeetkunde (KenL) | 1958 | | pagina 73